Pamela Mandala: A Little About Me

girl skipping in a field.


My name is Pamela Mandala and I'm from a small town in New Jersey. I came to Georgia for my undergrad in marketing, and now I'm here for one more year for the Emerging Media program. This was the perfect combination for me as I love marketing, but definitely wanted to work in the more creative side of it. I have also had a huge interest in tech since I was little, so I've really been able to get a degree for everything I'm interested in during my time at UGA.


The most interesting thing about moving from New Jersey to Georgia has been getting a different perspective on different aspects of life. For only being a couple states away and honestly looking very similar to my hometown, Georgia is still extremely different! Everyone I met from Georgia thought I was crazy for moving 14 hours away from home for school, but in New Jersey everyone went away for college so it didn't even phase me! Of course I miss my family when I go away, but I thought it was strange that there were people that lived so close to school! Nonetheless, my comfort in moving here when I was 18 and not knowing a single person definitely comes from more than just expecting to go away for college. My life at home has definitely encouraged me to live a life away from home as well.