My Life At Home

a couple of people sitting in a raft on the sand at the beach. huge family around a dinner table. huge family in a living room.


Would you believe me if I told you only a third of my family was in these photos? Yes, we are one of those giant Italian families. Typical New Jersians. Anyways, traditions are huge in my family. Whether it's just my immediate family having a family dinner every night, or all 40 of my cousins going to the beach together every summer for July 4th, when traditions are created in this family you keep them (in the least mob-ish way possible).That 4th of July beach trip has been running in my family for 50 years now, and it never gets old. I love being with everyone in my family in the same condo building for one week and just embracing the chaos and fun of it all.

Home Made Me Leave Home

I have realized over time that this family beach trip was a big factor that led to my comfort in traveling, which ultimately is what led me to moving to Georgia for school. Although this family tradition is a week of craziness, in a way it's calming too. It's something that's always consistent in my life no matter what happens. Things change and life goes on differently, but my entire family will be on that beach together for one week every summer no matter what. I think I have always associated the comfort of this trip with traveling, which is why I've always felt drawn to do more.

Some of Our Traditions Within Our Beach Tradition: