‘Snacks by the Season’ Website Development

A website for the cooking community to browse recipes, communicate findings, and stay up-to-date on cooking trends.

Summer 2023

Snacks by the Season homepage.

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to use a multitude of skills and technologies learned throughout the web development course to build a challenging website. For this project, WordPress was used to develop a fully functioning cooking site.

Snacks by the season homepage highlighting a featured recipe as well as other recipes below. Sidebar includes search bar, ability to search recipes by season, view most recent posts, and view most recent comments.

The Problem

Though there are tons of recipe sites out on the internet, there are few that allow like-minded chefs to connect with one another and build a community. It can also be daunting to have to browse through thousands upon thousands of recipes to find the perfect one for your occassion. Keeping up with trends with cooking is also a challenge, as new cooking trends develop extremely quick.

Snacks by the Season relevant Pinterest posts linked on site’s “What’s Trending?” page.
Snacks by the Season relevant Youtube videos linked on site.

The Solution

This site allows users to not only browse relevant recipes, but also connect with other chefs on the site to discuss recipes, search recipes by season to find one that fits a specific occasion, and stay up-to-date on cooking trends that have gone viral online. This allowed me to develop different components of the “Snacks by the Season”and really take it to the next level. The homepage has three menus, one at the head and footer that allows the user to switch between pages and one in the middle of the page that allows the user to browse recipes by their assigned season. The majority of the homepage is taken up by a sliding photo banner that showcases some of the recipes on the site. The homepage displays a highlighted recipe post, as well as the rest of the recipe posts in a list format. There is also a sidebar on every page that includes a search bar, a list that allows you to browse snacks by season, as well as view the most recent posts and the most recent comments. The “What’s Trending?” page in the menu includes trending snacks linked from Pinterest. The “How-To” page includes cooking videos linked from Youtube. The “Gallery” page displays all of the photos from all of the recipes in one area. Finally, the “Talk of the Town” page displays a comment section where people can communicate about what they are cooking and build this “Snacks by the Season” community.

Snacks by the Season Recipe Photo Gallery and Community Connect Page.

The Results

From building this site, I really learned how to use WordPress to its fullest potential. Compared to my previous projects on WordPress, I have made significant strides. I learned how to incorporate more than one menu into a site, how to display photos in different ways, how to incorporate different text like captions, how to embed different components like videos and posts, how to personalize the site, and overall how to design the site in a professional and coherent manner. These additional components that made sense for the site like the links to Pinterest cooking posts, Youtube cooking videos, and community comment section really made the site look finished. I am proud of the site’s consistency, professionalism, and overall visual appearance, as I had struggled with that in the past. In the future, I hope to use my knowledge on WordPress from this project and further develop my skills.

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