Music and Concert App Development

Everything you need for music streamlined into one app.

Spring 2023

Developed an all-encompassing music app with SwiftUI. Streamlined concert venues, upcoming concerts, concert tickets, and the user’s music library into one app, allowing users to easily browse concert options for artists they listen to.

Project Overview

For this project, we were given freedom to design whatever app we wanted to incorporating the skills we have been learning throughout the semester. We were tasked to keep in mind the usability and visual appearance of the app, as well as to challenge ourselves. I created an all-encompassing music app. Features of this app include a tab view, a scrolling music library, music cards where you can play, pause, and favorite songs, a map and concert venue view, a wallet view for tickets, and a profile page.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for this project as a whole was determining a way to incporporate all of these completely different skills into one app. Both coming up with an idea, as well as figuring out how to physically connect them on the app was a challenge. While determining the best way to do this, I had to consider usability and visual appearance as well. Although I wanted to include all of these different features, I wanted the app to be intuitive and visually appealing at the same time.

The Solution

Previously, I had completed a “jukebox” app for this class, and as an avid music listener I really enjoyed building that. I realized the music category had a lot of different angles beyond just simply listening, so I decided to expand upon that idea for this project. I thought of different features to add to a music app that goes beyond just listening. These features included a concert ticket wallet and a map to find different concert venues and see when your artists are playing near you.

At this point, I had all of my ideas in order but did not know how to connect them all. Linking all of the ideas on one page could have worked, but I was afriad it would make the app a little confusing and therefore affect its intuitiveness. I decided the best way to accomplish this would be to have adda tabview at the bottom of the screen. Adding this makes it super easy and intuitive for users to swap between the different features.

After building all of the features and connecting them via the tabview, I went back and edited everything I had in order to make it more visually appealing. I did not like how my previous jukebox project looked, so I ended up scratching the entire layout from that and starting over. I created a vertical scrollview so users could easily and intuitively scroll through their songs. I also edited the song view, so that the song album cover was viewed on a gradient background, which made the song view more visually apealing. The other pages I then kept very simple in order for them to remain intuitive and visually appealing.


By keeping the three goals of this project in mind throughout this project, I was able to create a final app that was intuitive, visually appealing, and challenged me as a coder. I learned how to incorporate very different features into one app all while maintaining the apps intuitiveness and pleasant visual appearance. In the future, I hope to develop my coding skills and be able to integrate the features more. With this, the dream would be for users to see on the map when their favorited artists are performing at venues near them.

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