‘Frequency’ Business and Platform Development

Built a platform for preserving business relationships through more efficient communication and collaboration.

Summer 2023 — Spring 2024

My Role

As the Business Lead in this project, I prioritized strategic planning and business growth as we develop our platform. My responsibilities included considering market analysis, user acquisition, revenue optimization, and competitiveness as we build new features in order to sustain success. I laid out the first wireframes of Frequency in order to make sure what was produced matched our strategy.

Project Overview

Kevin Planovsky, the Principal of Account Strategy at Vert Digital Advertising Agency, sought enhanced operational efficiency with client collaborations in today’s fast-paced business world. Recognizing the transformative potential with developing technologies, Kevin identified a strategic avenue for Vert and similar agencies. This opportunity brought us to build our platform, Frequency. Frequency aims to elevate communication strategies, ensuring the seamless preservation of valuable business relationships.

Frequency Landing Page

The Problem

In today’s fast-paced business world with technology constantly developing, efficient and effective communication is the driving force of agencies’ success in order to stay ahead of the competition and retain clients.

Regular communication tools are unable to keep up with the demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. If an issue is left unnoticed, agencies are risking wasting time and losing their relationship with clients.

Frequency Home

The Solution

To achieve the agencies’ goal of preserving client relationships, agencies and their clients must constantly be on the same page. No challenges can be overlooked, and all challenges must be resolved in a timely manner. Furthermore, team members of both agencies and clients must always have a clear understanding of the task at hand, and team morale must remain high all around throughout the duration of each project.

To ensure this, technology must be used in order to immediately prevent unseen concerns and miscommunications from escalating into major problems before anyone knows about them. With a focus on strong collaboration, communication, relationship, and results client retention should remain high.

Frequency allows agencies to customize quick, concise questions to be deployed to clients, harnessing the power of AI to decode their sentiments and concerns.

Frequency Check-Ins via SMS

With Frequency, setup is a breeze, encouraging active communication in agency and client relationships. The platform empowers all different teams within a business to tailor check-ins to their precise needs and receive timely alerts about rising issues.

Frequency cuts out the guesswork; just pinpoint solutions, dispatched to the right hands for immediate action. In a world where every second counts, Frequency is the secret weapon for better communication and reclaimed time.

Building a Check-In on Frequency.


Right now we continue to develop Frequency’s features and test its results with all people in all areas of business in order to make using Frequency a seamless for everybody and anybody in business.

We plan on continuing to incorporate AI in order to understand each business relationship as efficiently and effectively as possible. We see AI being incorporated further for questions, timing, and relationships. For questions, we would like to see a more developed AI system analyzing the questions being used, and developing new ones based on responses and what the team needs to be asked. As for timing, we want the AI to be able to know when each member is online and when the best time to send them a check-in is in order to have the highest response rate. As for relationships, we see a more developed AI system being involved in multiple ways. We want the AI system to be able to understand how different people and teams are connected, even if that is with completely different teams, different layers of teams, and and teams with a more complex structure. Furthermore, we want Frequency to be applicable to internal teams within a business as well as the external business to client structure that has already been developed.

Another feature we would like to see materialized in the future is the ability to integrate Frequency with other platforms, such as email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. We want to make the use of Frequency effortless, so if a business is already fully communicating on one platform it would be easiest if they could add Frequency directly to that platform. Another development we would like to see with integration is the ability to add Frequency directly to your laptop, allowing check-ins to pop in right on your computer screen.

Clearly Frequency can continue to be developed in a multitude of ways. The most important value that we keep in mind as we make these additions is to keep Frequency smooth and effortless on the front-end, regardless of how complicated it gets on the back-end. We hope to see business relationships being preserved because Frequency exists.


Try out the alpha prototype of Freuqency here .

Project Brief

Design System

User Experience Research Plan

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