Pamela's Travels

Welcome to my Travel Journey.

My parents have always loved traveling and that passion has definitely been passed onto me. Growing up, my parents always made sure our family would go on one trip every year, no matter where we were at or what was going on in our lives. Whether that was going to a different country or just simply a different town, exploring new places has definitely become one of my favorite things. Now that I am older, I have started going on my own trips, some of which I have documented here.


My most recent trip was this past spring. I had friends who were studying abroad during the semester and wanted to take advantage of having places to stay. I went to 4 countries in 10 days! This included Prague, Barcelona, Florence, and Amsterdam.



Below are some of my favorite photos that I have taken on different trips. The first photo on the left was the view from my friend's apartment in Barcelona. The photo to the right of it was a little stone house in Israel. In the next row of photos, the photo on the left is of El Duomo in Florence. The photo next to it is of the river that runs through Florence. In the next row of photos, the photo on the left showcases some food and wine from a tasting I did in Florence. The photo to the right of that is from the center of the city in Prague.